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  • Triple C produces a weekly, market newsletter – The Capitalist Weekly. These newsletters are widely distributed and encompass both a technical and fundamental view of the markets.

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    • 2nd October – Santa’s Quarter

      With Santa coming closer, he could bring some joy to these volatile markets. The month of October will see lots of quarterly updates and there are a few that are worth looking at!

    • 24th September – Plans for Success

      When you win, Win big. Sometimes easier said than done but looking back through history there are countless occasions where those investors who could hold their nerve, made significant profits. It’s about making a plan and sticking to it.

    • 17th September – Tech Comparisons

      While many technology stocks can trade on very high valuations based on their current revenue, the market tends to price in the disruptive ability to rapidly scale up revenues in the future. This edition takes a look at some notable examples and the recent listing of CV Check (CV1).

    • 15th October – Glencore Rung the Bell?

      While it’s hard to predict how commodities will trade, Glencore see’s some value in their deposits – just not at current prices. Also CV Check has been growing revenue nicely.

    • 30th October – Emotional Trading

      Emotions and trading go together like salt and sugar. When fear is rising or greed kicks in it can really cause some moves on the market. This week we look back at the ‘panic’ that affected markets in October…and what has happened since!

    • 10th September – CV Check Special

      With a successful debut on the stock market for CV Check this week’s edition looks at some of the other tech disruptor’s and just what investors could expect from CV Check as they grow revenue.

    • 12th November – Infinite or Infant Demand

      The ‘white gold’ rush has seen the price of some stocks selling product into China absolutely skyrocket.
      Sometimes the best trades or investments are right in front of us!

    • 20th November – Market Update

      The top end of the market has not had a good year in 2015, however some of the small caps have out performed in the changing economy.
      This edition looks at some of the stocks of 2015 including SMA, CV1 & RVR.

    • 4th September – China Chill

      With the Chinese stock markets creating havoc across global equity markets is this volatility to be something to worry about? What is causing this and can the currency moves be a contributing factor?

    • 28th August – Volatility Rising

      This week the market saw extremely volatile moves that hadn’t been experienced since 2011. The major swings saw some great opportunities appear for those brave enough.

    • 21st August – Sector Chase

      With reporting season well underway it’s highlighted one thing, Australia is a hard place to do business at the moment.
      It’s about finding the right sectors to be in and ones that will see trends continue to move in their favor.