Our Values

  • Triple C takes pride in the level of detail to which we investigate and research all opportunities. Due diligence is key to ensuring a successful outcome for all parties and Triple C will leave no stone unturned throughout all stages of of every project we’re involved with.

    Triple C put ourselves in the client’s shoes and stick to our core values. Triple C commits to never investing a client’s money where we are not willing to invest our own. Triple C are committed to providing a truly first class offering to our clients.

    Triple C has a strong working knowledge and solid background in mining and commodity investments, this gives Triple C a unique opportunity to find small undervalued companies as investment opportunities. Triple C also applies a different but similarly unique methodology to the technology sector by always looking outside the square to find new ways of providing cutting edge services across the ever increasing and diverse range of platforms.


    Triple C focuses on maximising returns to clients while minimising the risks of investing. Triple C looks to maximise investment out performance or stock market ‘alpha’ while tailoring portfolios to meet each individual client’s needs.

    If you are looking for any of the following then we recommend speaking to one of our full service advisers.

    • Having a professional adviser customise you a share portfolio.
    • Looking to increase returns .
    • Re-balancing your existing share portfolio.
    • Reduce your risk.
    • Working in a partnership with an investment adviser.
    • Investing in a model portfolio.
    • Superannuation advice.
    • Exchange traded option advice, strategies and trading.
    • Margin lending investing and advice.
    • Access to IPOs and capital raisings.
    • One off sales

    Using a self-managed super fund (SMSF) gives investors the freedom to choose the investments that are going to best help their retirement. SMSF’s are a tax effective way to invest and can provide many benefits to investors. Knowing how to structure your superannuation can be difficult but speaking to an experienced investment adviser at Triple C will help with the planning and structuring of the investments in your SMSF to best achieve your financial goals.

    If you are looking to actively start your SMSF, grow your existing super portfolio or finalise your plans for retirement a Triple C investment adviser can help in drawing up a superannuation strategy that is tailored to your financial goals and situation. Your adviser can provide you with investment advice over a range of financial products and implement the strategy that will best achieve your financial goals.